Brežice / Administrative Unit / “Recognitions” / 2009
Painting Sevnica, 09.X.2007 Sevnica, oil on canvas, 50x70 cm, dated 2007 Sevnica, oil on canvas, 50x70 cm, dated 2008

The quality of this perspective is incomparable to photographing. I have replaced the usual gliding look of observation and describing for the “insight look”. It is difficult to return from it, once you reach a certain height there is no use in jumping in lower altitudes – it is also impossible to go back into past moments and past solutions. The insight look embraces the wholeness and the presence of the motif at both observing and during the making of this kind of painting. The way of looking, creating and the way of thinking is not linear and consistent at the insight look, it is in fact dense, webbed, in slices.
The insight look of my recognitions in oil on canvas represents a phase shift from a specific impressionistic realism towards abstraction. I can place the Recognitions after the Dossier of the Abstract and before the Mandalic. On one hand, my mandalas have a cyclic composition of colour strokes, which suggest luminous energy, whereas the recognitions have a classic colour composition, that point to individual spacial viewpoints with distinctive poetic or slightly nostalgic story.

Alojz Konec, 2009